Let’s build a sporting nation, together

While I am just as passionate about cricket as any other Indian is, it disappoints me that only cricket, and to a certain extent golf and tennis, are supported in our country. We are an extremely talented nation of over 1.3 billion people. If given the right opportunity, our sportsmen and athletes will surely reach heights and we will rake in the gold at the Olympic Games.

Many youngsters today are so passionate about football that they stay up late at night watching the English Premier League or the German and Italian Leagues. Why can’t we get them interested to watch football live in Chennai with our own football league?

Chennai FC Varun Manian

Fans are not forthcoming today because of the lack of awareness and, let me be frank, the lack of quality players too. It is with this in mind that I acquired a football team ‘Chennai FC’, which is currently at the top of the points table in the local league.

My aim is to provide the players with quality coaching, quality nutrition and everything else that would be necessary for them to excel. I see the players from our local league playing in the ISL in future. And then going on to play for famous international clubs in the near future. I look forward to people joining me and supporting sports like football and hockey.

Here’s what I aim for Football – we need to make it to the Olympics and at least reach the quarter finals to start with. In Hockey, we need to regain our past glory.

Our youth has the talent, our youth has the desire. Now, it is upon us to provide them with the facilities to go out and conquer.

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Sathyabalan. E.T.


That’s a wonderful initiative. Wishing to see many aspiring youngsters representing international events. Congrats Chennai FC.



Rightly said by Mr. Varun Manian, Our youth has the talent, our youth has the desire. It is upon us to encourage them and provide them the facility.

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