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Varun Manian EntrepreneurVarun Manian is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India. At a very young age he has emerged as one of those few businessmen who are focussed about their own growth as well as that of the society.

Varun Manian – the businessman, as he’s popularly recognized today, was born and brought up in Chennai. He moved to New York for further studies. Once he graduated from New York University he returned to India and joined the family business. He gained hands on expertise in the family run business and later branched out to create his brainchild, what is today renowned as the Radiance Group.

Varun Manian’s Radiance Group is an umbrella brand with several sub-brands under it. Radiance Realty is one of the most popular real estate company in Chennai, other brands associated with the name are, Radiance Home Solutions, Radiance Facility Management and Radiance Total Care.

Apart from real estate, Varun Manian came up with an initiative that focuses on developing young sports enthusiasts. He believes that our youth has immense talent and all they need is the right training and facilities to become world leaders.

Varun Manian’s CSR initiative “Radiance Genies” is dedicated to helping the needy. During the Chennai floods in December 2015, through this Radiance CSR activity, the genies reached out to more than 30,000 people and provided shelter to more than 250 families.

This young entrepreneur is not only popular as an industrialist but also as an important youth icon. Varun Manian was bestowed with the popular RITZ Award in 2015.

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