Apartments Vs. Villas – Which One Should You Buy?

Buying a property is a milestone in itself. Whether it is a plot of land, a flat, an independent house or a commercial complex, investing in real estate involves a lot of planning and research. From the property taxes to be paid to the housing loan plans available, a real estate investor needs to make a lot of decisions before narrowing down on a property. With luxury apartments and semi-independent villas on the rise in the real estate market, most home buyers face the ultimate dilemma of choosing between an apartment and a villa to invest in. Here are few of the important factors which an investor needs to keep in mind before taking the leap.

Amount of investment

The base factor which affects every investment is the cost. Though villas are considerably more expensive, there are many high-end luxury apartments like Radiance Mercury which require almost the same level of investment. Though villas are more expensive, they have a higher rate of appreciation due to the higher land area being utilised. So in an investment point of view, villas are the better option.

Liberty of design

The liberty of designing your house is a huge factor if you are planning to live in the property you are investing in.  Villas have lesser restriction when compared to apartments. You can build an extra room in the backyard or break down a separating wall to create more room. Check out the interesting link between your personality and your home décor for inspiring ideas on interior design. Modifying an apartment, on the other hand, is not that feasible.


The location of the property plays a vital role in making the final decision. If you prefer living in the heart of the city, then apartments are a better alternative. Villas are mostly restricted to the suburbs whereas apartments can be situated both in the city and the outskirts. So it is important to scan the neighbourhood and see if the surrounding resources facilitate your way of life. For example, if you are an IT professional, working at the OMR IT corridor in Chennai, you can either opt for luxury apartments at Radiance Mercury or premium villas at Radiance Lake Front, as per your preferences.

Lifestyle amenities

Luxury apartments and gated communities have the added advantage of world class amenities which is usually very hard to find in a villa. These amenities include swimming pools, gymnasiums, running tracks, supermarkets, party halls, children’s parks and much more. Though villas can be customised to fit the needs and preferences of the owner, the costs will surely be heavy on the pocket.

Security systems

Another huge benefit of living in a premium apartment complex is the professional security team dedicated to ensuring the safety of the residents. Luxury apartments now feature pre-installed top-notch security systems for the welfare of the occupants. These systems can be installed in villas too, but such added facilities may reflect heavily on the cost.

Added facilities

When it comes to added facilities, luxury apartments in gated communities cannot be defeated. With world class facilities such as 24/7 power backup, water supply, pipe-line gas supply, convenient garbage disposal systems and much more, premium apartments leave no stone unturned in making life much easier. Keeping these facilities in mind, maintaining a villa might not be that convenient.

Privacy matters

If you are looking for a private space to zone out and not be disturbed, villas are the ultimate choice. They are more exquisite and roomy, giving the resident all the privacy in the world. Most villas usually feature a backyard or a mini-garden for intimate barbecue parties with friends and family. Apartments, on the other hand, are usually shared which might take a toll on your privacy.

When it comes to the final verdict, it all depends on the preferences of the investor as what works for one home buyer may not work for the other. To get the best of both worlds, you can also opt for townhouses or semi-independent villas which offer you the convenience of an apartment with the privacy of a villa. Irrespective of your decision, give your investment more value by opting for top-notch world class builders, like Radiance Realty, for an address that gives you the best of everything.

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