Water Storage and Recycle Solution at Radiance Realty Multi – Storeyed Buildings

Earth is aptly named the “water planet” since like us it is more than 70% water.

Water is our only self renewing vital resource. Earth’s continuous water cycle restores the natural eco systems and makes sustained civilisation possible.

Over the years civilisation has always been built around water. Development has happened due to water.

Rome was built around the river Tiber and gained dominance over its neighbours through the Mediterranean sea.

The steam engine in 1776 was the seminal invention of the industrial revolution. By the early 19th century Britain was the world’s dominant power with their steam and iron navy that controlled the colonial empire over quarter of the globe. Long before this there was an agricultural revolution around 5000 years ago when people in the Indus valley, northern China, Egypt and Mesopotamia began mastering hydraulics and were able to use river water for large scale irrigation.

Though water is essential to sustain life, it is a double edged sword and can lead to floods, landslides, tsunamis and cause great devastation.


Water Storage by Varun Manian

We at Radiance are always very conscious of both our need and the power of water.

We aim to support nature through harvesting and recycling while ensuring that our properties are well protected.

Water supplied to our apartments would be either from the city supply, from our own bore wells within the apartment land or could be purchased in tankers. Purification in the latter cases is done to a level above the city supply.

Water after use in the apartments is taken to our sewage treatment plant where it is treated and can then be recycled for use in toilets and for landscaping.

Rainwater is harvested in such a manner that the natural acquifers are filled and that there is no flooding within our property.

Water can be devastating in times of floods. We have very consciously raised our buildings above all anticipated flood levels. We are very proud of the fact that – due to this and due to our efficient rain water harvesting – none of our multi – storeyed buildings were affected by the catastrophic floods last December.

We are extremely careful with the water proofing of our buildings and are so confident that we extend a five year warranty to our customers instead of the traditional one year warranty.

At Radiance we care. We care about the environment, we care about water and we care about you. One of the other initiative by Varun Manian that may sound interesting is Let’s build a sporting nation, together

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Water is a very contentious issue all over the world and is a great concern of worry in chennai too. I am ready to support and whatever manner I can.

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