The Interesting Link between Your Personality and Your Home Décor

Home is where the heart is. It is a place where you unwind and spend most of your day in with an intimate gathering of family and friends. Your home is a reflection of who you are so it is natural to interlink your personal style to your home décor. Your space reflects your hobbies, interests, character and your individual sense of style. Whether you are the life of a party or a diehard romantic, we have curated some design tips for every distinguished character so your home can be your haven.

The classy urban soul

Everything about you defines class and reflects your urban roots. From your endless wine and cheese conversations to your topnotch weekend plans of barbeque by the pool, your space defines your sophisticated lifestyle. Accordingly, your home décor is inspired by modern living with a lot of hi-tech gadgets and appliances to match your metropolitan ways. Keep your design minimalistic with neutral colours and open spaces to give you a sense of tranquility in contrast to the busy city life you lead. Complete your décor with classy wall paintings, monochrome curtains, contemporary designer pieces and quirky figurines.

The unconventional artist

An artist is someone who makes the ordinary look extraordinary with his free-spirited nonconformist perspective and his residence should offer just that. Think natural lighting, interesting artifacts and organic textures such as a raw brick wall or a gripping map print wallpaper. Display your culture-rich side with intriguing collectibles from around the world to show off your global affection towards art. Personalise your space with artwork of your own. Indulge in DIY crafts which exhibit your artistic skills and invest in hand made decoratives which give out a more personal and unique touch.

The natural caregiver

You are the caretaker of your group and you leave no stone unturned in assuring your friends and family have a good time at your den. Playing a good host comes naturally to you so making your residence an inviting home should not be hard. Bring out your maternal instincts by sticking close to Mother Nature with a small balcony garden or indoor plants. Keep things earthy with soft brown tones and royal wooden furniture for a cosy ambience. Put up an innovative chalk-board near the kitchen for the little ones or hang a motivating quote on a wall to inspire your guests and show your character through your home.

The social butterfly

So you are a trend setter, a go-getter and the life of a party. Social circles literally cannot function without you. Your bold and vibrant personality is what attracts the crowd which means your home should be anything but dull or boring. Link your character with your home décor by adding bright and energising colours to your living room. Mix and match with daring patterns, spunky textures and audacious designs. You can also think out of the box and add a foosball or pool table to keep your companions entertained at all times or even hang a dart board behind a door to keep the party going. Life is a party and your flamboyant abode is the venue.

The diehard romantic

Let your love for love speak through your interiors. Opting for red and pink hues is now a thing of the past. Decorate an entire wall with eccentric photo frames honouring your love for your soul mate from ceiling to floor. This soul mate can be anybody from your mom, your loving friends or even your adorable dog. The theme of your apartment is to celebrate the unconditional love you receive from the wonderful people in your life who have played an exceptional role in molding your personality. Indulge in statement vases with natural flowers, candle-themed chandeliers, romantic French windows, and Victorian lamp shades to give your home a lush and idyllic feel.

At the end of the day, a home is where you can be yourself and connect with your inner soul. Customise your home as per your interests and needs. Invest on an address that gives you the best of everything at Radiance and express yourself through your décor!

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