Unique Ways to go Creative With Your Blank Wall

There is an interesting link between your personality and your home décor. Your home is your sanctuary and it reflects your sense of style, and there is no better way to showcase your individuality better than sprucing up a regular boring blank wall. Whether you are planning to create a welcoming ambience in your living room or level up your décor in the backyard, adding some character to a blank wall is the oldest trick in the book, and probably the easiest one.

Lighten it up

Add some dramatic wall lights to your blank wall to instantly uplift the backdrop of the room. You can either opt for a pair of lights to complement each other and provide uniform illumination, or you can go in for a bigger light, placed at the centre of the wall, to add a bit of character to the room. Choose from a variety of designs, from vintage to contemporary, according to your sense of style. Modern wall lights come in a range of shapes and sizes which reflect light back to the wall in a particular pattern, creating an interesting effect. Couple these lights with an array of mirrors, in eccentric designs and shapes, to widen your room and brighten it up by reflecting light back. If you are more of the quirky kind, opt for spunky retro-themed text lights to liven up the atmosphere and give your guests something to talk about.

Showcase your art

Your blank wall is your platform to showcase your DIY skills. When it comes to hanging up some striking wall art, the sky is your limit. There is a multitude of designs and patterns to choose from depending on your individual sense of style. Primp up your living room wall by hanging up some vintage posters or create an ultra-modern twist by adding an array of intricate empty frames to a wide wall. If you are an avid traveller, bring out your personality by hanging up an interesting map portraying all the places you’ve visited. Similarly, if you have a collection of gorgeous vintage plates which are just rotting away in a kitchen shelf, spruce up your kitchen walls with the exquisite china. Choose your art as per your personality and let your wall do the talking for you.

Binge on a wallpaper

Why add a statement light or a signature piece of art to a wall when you can change the design of the entire wall? The quickest way to add life to a blank wall is by opting for a fun and eye-catchy wallpaper. With a wide variety of patterns to choose from, you can instantly boost your home décor with a wallpaper design of your choice. You can also use this décor technique to your advantage by opting for a pattern of horizontal stripes to widen a narrow room or go in for a pastel shade or design to lighten up a dull room. Add some zing to your workstation wall by sticking up a corkboard. This will give you a space to pin up important notes as well as add some quirkiness to your workplace. For more private places, like a bedroom, you can customise your wallpaper and put up an array of classic black-and-white portraits of yourself and your significant other to personalise your space. Wallpapers come to your rescue especially when you do not have the liberty to nail your walls. If you do not want to change the look of the entire wall, you can create a quirky geometric pattern with colourful sticky tapes and showcase your creativity.

A blank wall is your canvas to paint your imagination. Whether it is an inspirational quote to help you get out of bed on a Monday or a grid of memorable family photographs to remind you of your countless blessings, sprucing up a blank wall is the most effective way to add some vigour to the room. You can check out our guide on how to give your home a makeover for some interesting ideas. Find an address that gives you the best of everything at Radiance Realty by following our guide to buy a dream home and make your home your haven.

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