Top Things to Check before Taking Possession of Your Home

Taking possession of your new home is truly a moment of joy and pride. However, in all the excitement, it is also important to keep a checklist of things you must not overlook before you take the leap. Here is a list of top things to check before taking possession of your brand new property.

Get your paperwork sorted out

Though sorting through legal documents might be cumbersome, the sale of a property is not complete without them. Before moving in, make sure that the builder has registered the property under your name with the local authority and that he has provided you with the necessary documents. Share certificate, sale deed, sanction plans, society documents and encumbrance certificates are some of the legal documents that need to be duly signed and authenticated. Though it might add onto your paperwork, get your property insured as well. It is the wisest way to safeguard your investment.

Double-check common amenities

When it comes to shared facilities, what you see is sometimes not what you get. It is, therefore, important for you to check whether all the amenities promised by the seller have been provided. Don’t hesitate to spend some time in verifying if the dimensions of all the rooms and utility spaces are as per the agreed blueprint. Ensure that the lifts are in working condition and well-maintained and that the common area is well-lit. Pay particular attention to drainage outlets as well; you don’t want to be dealing with clogged drains once you move in.

Fittings and fixtures

Bathrooms and sanitary ware are one of the things that we just cannot compromise on. Make sure that sanitary fittings, kitchen taps and sinks are as per the builder specifications. More importantly, make sure that they have been installed correctly and are clear of leakages. Negligence in these areas is better addressed early before they become a significant cause for concern. Most popular brands provide a warranty of about five to seven years. If possible, try acquiring warranty papers for the fittings from the seller.

Doors and windows

The placement of doors and windows are important not only with respect to Vaastu but critical for proper air circulation and sunlight as well. Ensure that all the rooms have the right number and correct placement of windows. Also, make sure that the doors are as per the builder’s specifications and the knobs and locks are well oiled and in good working condition.

Power and electrical connections

Ensuring all electric connections are checked is a critical measure to survive harsh Indian summers in your new home. Check if all the switches and plug points are working before you shift. Make sure that all the electrical wiring and the MCB is of good quality so that there is no danger of a short circuit. If the builder has promised any power backup such as a generator or an inverter, test it out by switching off the main. Ensure that the transition to the backup is smooth and problem free. One more thing that needs to be ticked off your checklist is the provision of proper ducting for your split air conditioner. If not done properly it might result in water seepages causing unpleasant stains on your walls.


Contact DTH and Wi-Fi network providers beforehand to make sure that the first few days in your new home doesn’t make you feel like you’re back in the Stone Age. You could also ask the seller for preferred networks in the locality that have a good service and is cost effective as well. In case your house is supposed to be pre-equipped with digital connections, such as security cameras, lighting and temperature control do check to ensure that they are in good working condition.


Buying your dream home is only the first step towards a secure future for you and your family. Before choosing to purchase a property, find out more about the locality, such as the crime rate, demography of the residents, etc. Once that is done, the most important step is to ensure that your new home is almost an impenetrable fortress. Make sure that you have been given all copies of the keys. If it is a resale property, change all the locks just to be on the safer side. In case the builder provides CCTV coverage, make sure that it is installed correctly and that it is being monitored.

A new home is a very exciting milestone. Make it an enjoyable experience by following this detailed prepossession checklist. Visit Radiance Realty today and find yourself a dream home at an address which gives you the best of everything.  

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