5 amazing tips to create a terrace garden

Creating a terrace garden is a productive way to unwind and de-stress. Whether you love plants or not, there is something calming about sitting amidst lush greenery and sipping your evening coffee. Though balconies and house entrances are the usual places to keep a few potted plants, there is an increasing trend of terrace gardens in urban cities. This is because terraces are typically left barren due to its direct exposure to sunlight. But in reality, the vast space and abundance of sunlight make terraces a haven for a gorgeous garden with an evening sit-out. Read on for a few amazing tips on how to create a remarkable terrace garden and be the talk of the town.

Find the right space       

Find out if your terrace can be used to create a garden as it is a common area. Get your neighbours consent and intimate them about your plans. Once that is done, plan your garden according to the place you have. If your terrace faces too much sunlight, consider putting up a green tent to protect the plants. You can even plan to place the plants in a shady area to avoid the extra expense and maintenance of the tent.

Get the right soil

The right nutrients play a key role in keeping your plants healthy and vibrant. You can either buy fertile soil from plant nurseries or make your compost at home. Creating your compost is an organic way of fertilising your soil and has a lot of added benefits as well. For starters, it conditions the soil well and helps you get rid of kitchen waste in a productive manner. It is also extremely beneficial for the environment and promotes the growth of nutritive organisms in the soil. Compost can be created by piling up kitchen waste and yard waste in the corner of your backyard or lawn and letting it decompose over a period of time. You can water it periodically to maintain moisture and cover it up with hay or a sack to retain heat. Additionally, give the pile a good turn once in a while to air it up. Once your compost is ready, mix it up with soil and use it for your terrace garden.

Use the right containers

You can opt for fancy store-bought terracotta containers or get creative and make your own containers. Get adventures and use old paint containers, glass bottles, an old barrel or funky tin containers. Scan your home for such containers which can double up as decorative items. Whatever you chose, make sure the containers have tiny holes for air circulation and to drain out excess water.

Start with simple plants

If your terrace can bear the weight of an actual garden, you can even grow small trees on it. However, it is a good idea to start with the basics and begin with easy-to-maintain potted plants. If you are planning to grow a vegetable garden, you can opt for chillies, tomatoes, ladies fingers and lime. If you have a larger space, you can opt for underground vegetables like potatoes and carrots. Other than vegetables, you can also grow radiant flowers to add to the beauty of the garden. Invest in gorgeous roses, marigolds and striking bougainvillaea plants to make your garden a visitor’s delight.

Don’t forget to decorate

The best part about setting up a terrace garden is decorating it. Apart from the natural beauty brought in by the breathtaking plants, you can add on many artificial decorative items to make it a beautiful sit-out. Invest in wicker chairs or cane furniture to make the place more inviting. If you do not want to spend too much, you can convert a plain slab into a seating area by painting it with vibrant colours and covering it with a protective plastic sheet. Light up the place with string lights to give it an intimate feel. You can also opt for hanging pots with flowering plants and go creative with a blank wall to add on to the eye-catching appeal. There is an interesting link between your personality and home décor, so decorate the garden in such a way that your identity comes out through it. Last but not least, to go completely over the top, you can invest in a miniature water fountain and enjoy the calming sound of the running water as you indulge in some quality gardening.

These foolproof tips are guaranteed to help you create the terrace garden of your dreams. The main objective of gardening is to have some productive fun as you take care of your plants. They have the added bonus of making your house look rich and posh at half the expense. Visit Radiance Realty and find yourself a dream home at an address that gives you the best of everything.

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