Six Ways To Make your Living Room Look Bigger

Large bungalows and spacious interiors are now a thing of the past. The increase in high-rise apartments and cramped city lifestyle has left us all craving for some space, especially in our living rooms. But you can still make the most out of the space that you have, by creating an illusion of a bigger room. Read on to get a closer insight into our fool-proof ways to make your shoebox living room look like a large hallway!

Colour it light!

The colour palette of your walls plays a vital role in creating an illusion of a wider space. Try painting them in a lighter shade to make the room look bigger. You can opt for shades of white and off-white if you want it to look the largest. If white is too boring, try a shade of blue or other pastel hues. The science behind this is that lighter colours tend to be more reflective compared to the darker ones, hence making the room look more spaced out. You can even try painting stripes if you are too bored with plain walls as stripes, both horizontal and vertical, make the space look elongated.

Lighting matters more than you think!

If your living room provides you with the facility of allowing natural light to flow in, make all use of it and enhance it as much as you can. You can also use sheer window coverings, light coloured curtains and transparent sheets to allow more light in the room. If you are not blessed with natural light, you can brighten up your space with some quirky light fixtures which complement your home décor. You can opt for a string of lights across a wide wall or invest in a statement chandelier to liven up the room. Fix a couple of wall lights for a dramatic effect and make sure they are mounted close to the ceiling to reflect the light even more.

Minimalistic furniture and storage

Having extravagant decorative furniture may give out a good impression but it also makes the room look cluttered and messy. Be minimalistic when it comes to your living room décor.  Avoid heavy furniture and go for low-profile ones which are grounded to the floor. Avoid placing furniture in the middle of the room or in the pathway as this will make the room look very cramped. Try to keep them against the wall to create an illusion of more space in between and make the floor more visible. Opt for furniture with in-built storage to keep the clutter at bay and give your home a much-needed makeover. Another creative idea is to create shelves on walls in patterns which can save huge space and also look very minimalistic and classy.

Mirrors can do wonders

The power of mirrors is very underrated. It can make a room look twice as big in a very stark manner. Never hesitate to hang up a large mirror in a small-spaced living room to instantly double its size. Get creative with a blank wall and let your personality speak through your home décor.  You can also put up multiple mirrors together in a series. Ideally, mirrors are recommended to be kept across the windows of the room since they reflect the light falling on it and hence brighten up the room too. They also are a great decorative tool providing a dash of royalty and elegance to all the visitors who walk in.

Floor coverings to the rescue

Invest in a funky rug to cover up your living room floor. Getting a small and fitted carpet for a small room makes it look even smaller. So make sure that the carpet covers the main seating area, including the spaces in front of the sofa and around the coffee table. If it is not possible to find a huge carpet, one can also go with multiple rugs on the floor covering each piece. The patterns on the carpet can also play a key role in effectively making the room seem big. Opt for rugs in plain shades to maximise its effect.

Wall mount your TV

If you have got a small living room, then it is best to not buy a TV stand separately to place the Television set. You should consider mounting your television to the wall to save all that extra floor space. The accompaniments can be then placed in wall shelves to make your living room look bigger.

Living rooms are the only room where the entire family spends most of their time and it plays a vital role in creating a first impression on your guests. Visit Radiance Realty today and find your dream home at an address that gives you the best of everything.

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