How to Give Your Home a Makeover

Every now and then, we get so caught up in our monotonous lives that all we need is a change or a reboot to start fresh with a brand new perspective. These alterations can either be life changing decisions, like shifting to a new house or applying for a new job or they can be as small as revamping your wardrobe or even giving your house a makeover. Sometimes these small modifications can be as satisfying and uplifting as a life changing decision itself. Follow our easy and pocket-friendly tips to give your haven a fresh new outlook and give an instant boost to your daily routine.

Change your lighting

A new style of lighting can change the entire look of your house. Start with one room at a time. Replace the regular white tube light with some warm lighting to instantly give your living room a cosy feel. You can also invest in a quirky new lamp post or a vintage lamp shade to dramatise the room. A common and budget-friendly method to add more light to a room is by hanging up elaborate panels of mirrors on the walls to reflect the natural light back and uplift the ambiance of the room. This trick also has the added benefit of making the room look larger and more spacious.

Primp your room

Small changes go a long way. The key to a drastic makeover lies in the details.  Primp your room with intriguing artefacts and collectables which double up as interesting conversation starters during parties. Try changing the ambiance by filling up your living room with exotic indoor plants and gorgeous flower pots to liven up the atmosphere. You can also add some character to your living area by hanging up a mural on an empty wall. Give an instant boost with colours by placing a statement centrepiece of a dramatic wicker basket with vibrant dry fruits or fragrant potpourri right at the middle of the coffee table. Invest in fluffy cushions in quirky designs and shapes and add a spunky rug underneath for more makeover madness. You can also check out our list of 15 home accessories that make daily tasks easier to get the best of both worlds.

Change a hue

Achieve the most dramatic of all home makeovers with the evergreen formula of changing your wall paint. Altering the colours of your walls changes the entire look and feel of the room. If you do not want the change to be that drastic, consider painting your headboard or a panel of the main wall in a contrasting colour to add some depth to the room. If you want to add more texture and patterns to the walls, you can try sticking some colourful wallpaper for a sassy look. Liven up the corner dull spots with a captivating bookshelf or an edgy antique piece like a gramophone or a juke box. Most rooms have plain white ceilings which can easily be revamped for an instant boost. Primp your ceiling with a vibrant wallpaper of striking patterns and designs and keep the compliments coming!

Dramatise your drapes

Changing your curtains is a makeover in itself but changing the style of the drapes is a game changer. Log on to Pinterest for some amazing DIY tips and choose from a variety of draping styles from extravagant Victorian designs to Royal Mughal arrangements.  Give your room a sense of seasonality by putting up heavier drapes during winter and lighter breezy ones during summer. You can also extend this concept to your bed linen and bring out the thicker blankets during winter for a cosy ambiance.

Hang up your memories

Extend a warm welcome to your guests by hanging up eccentric photo frames of your family and friends. An elaborate wall reflecting on all your good memories gives out a lot of positive vibes and shows how your home is where your heart is. You can take your home décor game up a notch by adding some vibrant tiles and wall art to this wall to make it a funky backdrop for all your pictures. Your memorable pictures do not have to be confined to your walls. Invest in colourful and radiant fridge magnets with photo frames to liven up your kitchen. You could also hang up an inspirational quote or a life lesson you swear by to add more vigour to your residence.

Make interesting changes to your home by linking your personality to your home décor and let your interior design express your sense of style. Walk into Radiance to find yourself a house you can call home.

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