7 Effective Ways to Keep Your Home Pest Free

No matter which part of the city you live in or how well you set up your home, insects and other pests always seem to make an unfriendly and uninvited appearance. They can either be a nuisance or cause serious health issues if left unattended. Most of the time, you would resort to using pest-control devices and chemicals, but if you have small children or are uncomfortable with the after-effects of pesticides, it’s best to go with all-natural remedies. Ranking the pests in order of occurrence, here are seven natural ingredients you can use to keep them at bay effetely.

Use oil extracts against mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are by far the most common and most harmful of pests and have also proven to be the most difficult to ward off. Many mosquito repellent techniques are temporarily effective but not very safe to use around children. Oil extracted from seeds of plants like tulsi, neem and eucalyptus are very effective against mosquitoes; simply mix a few tablespoons of these oils and store in a spray bottle.

Use soap water solutions against cockroaches

Do away with those cans of Hit and use soapy water solutions instead when you spot a cockroach running about. To keep cockroaches out of pipes and other openings in your home, spray boric acid around the sink and faucets. The cockroaches will carry the acid all the way back to their nest, killing off the other cockroaches. Coffee grounds, cucumber and garlic, are also useful against these creepy crawlers.

Use apple cider vinegar against fruit flies

Apple cider vinegar has proven health benefits and also doubles as the perfect repellent against fruit flies. Store some apple cider vinegar along with a mushy fruit in a jar and wrap the jar with transparent cellophane. Poke holes in the cellophane and wait for fruit flies to buzz along curiously towards the sweet smell. Once they go into the jar, they will be unable to come out, trapping them effectively.

Use camphor against bedbugs

Ignite some camphor and leave in in the room that is infested with bedbugs. Close off the windows and door of the room for 30 minutes and wait till the bedbugs perish. If the scent of camphor is too strong for you, another handy alternative to prevent bed bugs from returning is to wash your bed sheets and room curtains with steaming hot water in regular intervals.

Use vinegar against spiders

Vinegar is one of the most trustworthy natural ingredients you have in your kitchen; it can ward off almost any kind of pest. Vinegar is most useful against spiders, and a simple solution of water and vinegar kills off the spiders, as the eight-legged crawler cannot tolerate the pungent odour. The soapy solution used against cockroaches is also handy against spiders.

Use coffee grounds, mint leaves or cucumber against ants

While ants don’t pose any direct threat, they can be a general nuisance to have around the house. The golden rule is not to drop any food around the house, but on the contrary, spreading coffee grounds, mint leaves or cucumber slices around your home work against the ants, as these little creatures hate the smell of such foods.

Use scented candles against bugs

The dark of night provides the perfect cover for most bugs to come out of their hiding and have a mini-party in your house while you are fast asleep. Scented candles act as the perfect shield against such pests; light a few candles around the doors and windows of your home to keep the pests away.

Pest-control is a practice that you must convert into a habit. These home remedies are good solutions against the pest mentioned above, but for other pests like termites and wasps, you need professional help. Living in an apartment that offers 24/7 house maintenance and pest control is the ultimate solution.

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