15 Home Accessories that Make Daily Tasks Easier

You’ve done it! At long last, you’ve fulfilled the lifelong dream of buying a house. When you finally make the big move to your new living space, you are greeted by an empty place aching to be decorated and transformed from a house to a home. Chances are, you will go about setting up your new home with all those big boxes labelled with the décor and accessories you had in the past, but if you are the sort who enjoys the feeling of something new, there are many accessories freshly released that are trending in the “must-have for your home” marketplace. Here are 15 accessories, broken down based on the rooms of your home, which make daily living a whole lot easier.

For the living room

The living room is, of course, the common hangout zone for your family and the first thing guest is going to see when they enter your home. Making the living room presentable should be your priority and some accessories play the double role of resourcefulness and look.

Entertainment unit

The living room is the place where you are most likely going to set up your TV and other entertainment devices. Purchasing a classy entertainment unit will make life easier for anyone in the house who is looking to use the gadgets. The cabinets in the entertainment ensure you don’t get stuck in the old “lost remote” cliché and the space for charging various devices and storing your collection of moves make it a must-have.

Coffee table

The use of this table goes way beyond its namesake. Coffee tables with lower stands attached can make for a great place to keep your daily reads like the newspaper or magazine. It also serves as the perfect spot to keep a potted plant.

Wall-mounted bookshelf

If you’re an avid reader, you know a bookshelf is a necessity, and the living room makes for the perfect spot to set up your mini-library. A wall-mounted bookshelf ticks both the boxes in looks and resourcefulness.

Smart lighting

Lights at home have become as much a luxury as it is a necessity and living room lights take up most of the glamour. You can add a touch of technology by purchasing smart lighting systems that have the ability to turn on and off based on a predefined time and change colour to set the mood at home.

For the bedroom

The bedroom is where things get very personal, so everything from your possessions to the wall paint must emphasise your personality. Many bedroom accessories have become a standard requirement and some nifty ones that are making waves today.

Modular dressing table

Dressing tables have been a part of a bedroom for generations; the simplicity of it breaks down to a mirror coupled with a set of drawers to store all your toiletries and cosmetics. Today’s dressing tables come with complete customisation options ranging from mirror design to size and number of cabinets. The decision to purchase a type of dressing table falls to your personal preference and taste.

Sofa cum bed

Probably one of the coolest inventions, the sofa cum bed is a very resourceful piece of furniture for smaller bedrooms.  The concept is simple; you fold it into a sofa for morning use and extend the cushions to resemble a bed for a good night’s sleep. Not only does a sofa cum bed save up on a lot of space, but it also adds to the visual appeal of your bedroom.

Bed prism glasses

For those of you who enjoy a good book to read before sleeping, the bed prism glasses saves the trouble of arching your neck in an awkward position to get maximum visibility while lying down and reading. The refractive 45 degree angled lenses do the job of focusing on the book even while you lie down straight.

For the bathroom

Even the bathrooms of today are becoming more than just an ultra-personal space; gone are the days where the simple necessities in and around your bathroom came first, as bathroom fitting and overall designs are given higher priority. That said, the simple necessities are back again with modifications that make you want them even more.

Toothpaste dispenser

It may seem like a rather trivial task but squeezing out toothpaste from a tube can be a hassle especially when you come down to the last few inches. The toothpaste dispenser offers a cool, hassle-free alternative that does the job of squeezing for you and even comes coupled with a nifty stand for your toothbrush.

Waterproof notepad

It is widely known that the shower is one of the best places to think, so when you get amazing ideas, you would want to jot it down fast. The trouble is, of course, all the soap and water that wets away your idea. The waterproof notepad solves that problem using simple water repellent coating technology on the paper, along with a sticky surface on the back that lets you stick up the notepad anywhere on the bathroom walls.

Heated toilet seat

This invention, while rather being odd to talk about openly, secretly became one of the most desired toilet fittings. We can’t tell you much about it; only when you sit on it will you feel the difference!

Adjustable shower head

One of the most relaxing experiences is standing under the shower after a long, tiring day. The flow of water coming from the showerhead actually makes a big difference to the feeling of comfort, so the invention of adjustable shower heads that can change the force ad direction of the water came as a big relief to many people.

For the kitchen

The very place where food is made has its design and modification options when it comes to looks. However, the basic usage functionality of your kitchen appliances hasn’t changed yet has gotten better and more resourceful with some techy innovations.

Food thermometer

If you are concerned about pulling out that perfectly cooked meat, the food thermometer is your best buddy in the kitchen.

Automatic ice cream maker/popcorn maker

Everyone favourite comfort foods became so easy to make thanks to these automated machines. Movie nights at home just got more enjoyable.


Every desert king/queen must be having this innovative tool in their kitchen cabinet. Best used for getting the crispy texture on crème Brulee and browning on a meringue, the blowtorch is also a quick melting tool for anything that is frozen solid.

Deep fryer

Cravings for crispy deep-fried potatoes or crunchy pakodas is made possible thanks to this nifty machine. It saves you the trouble of an oil splatter and is easy to clean.

No matter the kind of next-gen home gadget you think of buying, the only way to make all these cool gadgets work their magic is to live in a home that is built to look and feel future-ready.

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