6 Ways to Make Your Living Room Look Bigger!

Large bungalows and spacious interiors are now a thing of the past. The increase in high-rise apartments and cramped city lifestyle has left us all craving for some space, especially in our living rooms. But you can still make the most out of the space that you have, by creating an illusion of a bigger room. Read on to get a closer insight into our fool-proof ways to make your shoebox living room look like a large hallway!

Colour it light!

The colour palette of your walls plays a vital role in creating an illusion of a wider space. Try painting them in a lighter shade to make the room look bigger. You can opt for shades of white and off-white if you want it to look the largest. If white is too boring, try a shade of blue or other pastel hues. The science behind this is that lighter colours tend to be more reflective compared to the darker ones, hence making the room look more spaced out. You can even try painting stripes if you are too bored with plain walls as stripes, both horizontal and vertical stripes make the space look elongated.

Lighting matters more than you think!

If your living room provides you with the facility of allowing natural light to flow in, make all use of it and enhance it as much as you can. You can also use sheer window coverings, light coloured curtains, and transparent sheets to allow more light in the room. If you are not blessed with natural light, you can brighten up your space with some quirky light fixtures which complement your home décor. You can opt for a string of lights across a wide wall or invest in a statement chandelier to liven up the room. Fix a couple of wall lights for a dramatic effect and make sure they are mounted close to the ceiling to reflect the light even more.

Minimalistic furniture and storage

Having extravagant decorative furniture may give out a good impression but it also makes the room look cluttered and messy. Be minimalistic when it comes to your living room décor.  Avoid heavy furniture and go for low-profile ones which are grounded to the floor. Avoid placing furniture in the middle of the room or in the pathway as this will make the room look very cramped. Try to keep them against the wall to create an illusion of more space in between and make the floor more visible. Opt for furniture with in-built storage to keep the clutter at bay and give your home a much-needed makeover. Another creative idea is to create shelves on walls in patterns which can save huge space and also look very minimalistic and classy.

Mirrors can do wonders

The power of mirrors is very underrated. It can make a room look twice as big in a very stark manner. Never hesitate to hang up a large mirror in a small-spaced living room to instantly double its size. Get creative with a blank wall and let your personality speak through your home décor. You can also put up multiple mirrors together in a series. Ideally, mirrors are recommended to be kept across the windows of the room since they reflect the light falling on it and hence brighten up the room too. They also are a great decorative tool providing a dash of royalty and elegance to all the visitors who walk in.

Floor coverings to the rescue

Invest in a funky rug to cover up your living room floor. Getting a small and fitted carpet for a small room makes it look even smaller. So make sure that the carpet covers the main seating area, including the spaces in front of the sofa and around the coffee table. If it is not possible to find a huge carpet, one can also go with multiple rugs on the floor covering each piece. The patterns on the carpet can also play a key role in effectively making the room seem big. Opt for rugs in plain shades to maximise its effect.

Wall mount your TV

If you have got a small living room, then it is best to not buy a TV stand separately to place the Television set. You should consider mounting your television to the wall to save all that extra floor space. The accompaniments can be then placed in wall shelves to make your living room look bigger.

The living room is the only room where the entire family spends most of their time and it plays a vital role in creating the first impression on your guests. Visit Radiance Realty today and find your dream home at an address that gives you the best of everything.

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7 DIY Tips for Upgrading the Look and Feel of Your Home

Is your home starting to age? Feel like giving it a makeover, but unsure of how much you need to spend? Don’t fret! There are many ways to give your home a look and feel upgrade that doesn’t require much spending, and if you or one of you family members is blessed with fix-it skills, you can perform these upgrades with ease all by yourself. Home improvement procedures are necessary and help give your home a fresh, new look and feel no matter how long you’ve been living in it. Plus, if you are planning to rent out your home, giving it a makeover will sweeten the deal for prospective tenants. Here are 7 DIY tips for upgrading the look and feel of your home.

Do minimalistic landscaping

Everyone loves a well-kept garden, so if you’ve got a nice big open balcony, you shouldn’t hesitate about planting a few shrubs. However, maintaining the garden can be quite a challenge if you don’t have the time to commit to your plants fully. Rethink your gardening strategies and purchase plants that are native to your locality. Redecorating your garden with plants that require low maintenance is the best thing to do. Read more on how to create the perfect terrace garden.

Make your rooms look larger

If you find yourself walking awkwardly around your home to avoid hitting against the furniture, you know it’s time to rethink spacing strategies. Have a fairly small living space? Get rid of any old and clunky looking furniture and purchase necessities that give the illusion that your home looks bigger than it is. Everything from paint colours to floor carpets can make a difference to the overall look and size of your home. Get a better idea with these six ways to make your living room look bigger.  

Accessorise everywhere  

Standards of living are getting more tech-friendly these days, with a lot of smart gadgets making their presence felt at homes. Even if you are not interested in the smart-gadget marketplace, you could still opt for simplistic accessories that can enhance your living experience. There’s an accessory for practically every room in your house; take inspiration from these 15 home accessories that make daily tasks easier.

Get rid of the pests

Pest control is surprisingly not that hard to do on your own; if you’ve got the right ingredients, you make a fun day with the family by setting up traps and diversions against all those sneaky pests that invade your home. Doing so will give you a good excuse to bring the scrubbers out for a good, long cleaning process; this also involves decluttering your home and wiping every nook and corner. Want to become an expert in tackling pests? Read about these seven effective ways to keep your home pet-free.  

Cover up the cracks

While home appliances and furniture covers and drapes can be easily replaced at affordable rates, other parts of your home like floor tiles, bathroom and kitchen fittings and cabinets cost much more. Your home will succumb to wear and tear over time, as cracks and creases start appearing, giving it an aged and awful look. Your best bet is to purchase a strong adhesive like M- Seal to cover up all those cracks.

Don’t just repaint the walls

One sure-fire way to rejuvenate your home is a paint-job. Getting creative with your blank wall with colours and patterns of your choosing does give your home a touch of youthfulness. But don’t just stop with your walls; repainting your dingy floor tiles, kitchen cabinets, doors and windows will add another layer of “new” to your home.    

Replace handle fittings

A really simple and elegant way to give your home a new and very noticeable look is to replace all the handle fittings. Right from the main door handle to all the bathroom faucets, you can get a little creative with your choice of handles.

Your home must reflect your personality, so amp up its looks to give you the much-needed pleasure of complete living. Choosing a home from Radiance Realty will give you the freedom to express who you are in your personal living space. Radiance Realty also offers constant support in home improvement with Radiance Total Care. Do you know any more unique ways to upgrade the look and feel of your home? Tweet your ideas to @RadianceRealty.

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Reasons Why You Should Never Delay a Property Investment

A real estate investment will always be the biggest, most profitable investment you can make. Whenever you invest in a property, you guarantee yourself the lifelong advantage of having a strong financial backing. However, real estate investments aren’t so cut and dry; you have to think carefully and create a checklist of things that have to be done before you move into your new home. Since property investment is on a massive scale, most people tend to get afraid about splashing their cash whenever the chance presents itself. It is highly recommended that you don’t delay investing in a property, here are some reasons why.

Developers are pushing hard for property sales

Real estate is a high-risk investment, which means you need to analyse the market carefully before investing. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wait long periods before you decide to purchase a home; real estate developers are getting more and more desperate to sell off many of their projects, especially those lying in the unsold inventory list. Due to the many reforms, developers are being forced to slash their prices in the hopes of increasing sales. The focus has also shifted from offering big-discounts on pre-launch projects to timely completion and handover of on-going projects.

Investing at a young age is best

One of the biggest dilemmas a home buyer faces is when to invest in real estate. It is strongly advised that you must invest at a young age. One of the best reasons to do so is that you will have more time on your side. Real estate is an investment that only increases in value with time, so the earlier you invest, the longer you will experience the boons that come with investing in a property.

Home buyers are at an advantage

Real estate morphed into a buyer’s market ever since reforms like the RERA Bill came into effect. The Bill introduced many changes to the way real estate transactions are carried out, most notably an increased transparency in property dealings and timely delivery of projects. With these many advantages, now is the best time to invest in a property.

Many localities show promising signs of a housing boom

It is every home buyer’s wish to invest in a dream home; a property that ticks all the boxes and provides everything a lifestyle requires. Since property values increase with age, it can prove hard for first-time homebuyers to invest in properties that are present in niche localities. However, that shouldn’t stop you from investing, as many low-profile localities in Chennai are showing promising signs of residential development. If you act quickly and invest in such localities, it will prove to be highly beneficial for you in the long run as the localities go under the radar for advanced urban development.    

Owning a home is better than renting one

The concept of renting a home is still evident in our country, but that should slowly fade out as next-generation property investors come calling. Today, rental rates can rival a base salary, so it could prove to be hard managing both your general expenses and your mandatory rental dues. If you strongly consider buying a property over renting a space, you are one step closer to securing a great future for yourself and your family.  

Are you convinced to invest in real estate at the earliest? If so, the smartest investment you can make is with reputed real estate developers like Radiance Realty. Their residential projects are truly some of the best in the market, and offer potential home buyers a chance to fulfill their ambitions of buying the perfect home.


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How Can GST Impact Purchase Decisions

The real estate industry has been through quite a lot of reforms over the past year. Owing to the surge in the number of housing projects and the launch of the Smart City initiative by the government, the real estate industry is enjoying an influx of both supply and demand. If you haven’t yet purchased a property, doing so in the present scenario will be easier than ever. The latest reform that could further benefit real estate businesses is the soon to be launched Goods and Service Tax (GST).  GST aims to restructure the tax system in the country by removing taxes levied based on each state and instead levy a single indirect tax amount across all major goods and services industries including real estate.

As a home buyer, there are many things you have to carefully consider before purchasing your dream home. With GST effectively implemented into the system, it could change the way you approach your purchase decisions.   Here what you can expect from the housing market now that GST is in full flow.

Subsuming multiple real estate taxations

The required payment of multiple taxations when purchasing a home has always plagued a consumer’s purchase decision. With GST implemented, two of the most common real estate taxation- Value Added Tax (VAT) and Service Tax have been dissolved into a single tax amount. Post GST, the  Service Tax has increased to a constant 18%, and after deduction of tax from land value, the final taxable amount is 12%. This tax rate is applicable only for under-construction properties, but whether that should hike property prices is still under debate.

Value Added Tax (VAT) will also get dissolved due to its varying numbers across each state. Currently, VAT varies from 1% to 5 % and some cities don’t even charge VAT on properties. The implementation of GST could eliminate unnecessary cases of litigation that have risen due to complication caused by VAT.

One tax which will remain unaffected post-GST is Stamp Duty; tax that must be paid to the government on successful registration of a property.

Improved transparency on property transactions

Coupled with the newly introduced RERA Bill, GST will further enhance the transparency between buyer and seller during property negotiations. The fact that taxes imposed on a property are easier to comprehend, makes purchase decisions quicker for buyers. The newly formed Goods and Service Tax Network (GSTN) will also aid in managing the massive inflow of legal data. Taxpayers can visit the GSTN site to gather information, register and pay any tax that has been reformed under GST.

Improved access to nationwide housing projects

Prior to GST, tax rates varied from state to state, so it would make purchase decisions harder if you admire a property in a state where the tax is higher. Now, with a single indirect tax, purchasing a home in any desired part of the country becomes very easy. You can even get purchases done very fast through online methods, as real estate e-commerce sites are expected to speed their operations in terms of logistics.

Impact based on type of real estate project

As real estate is a broad industry, GST rules vary depending on the kind of project in development.

  • Residential properties: The Service Tax rate is at 12%, but that shouldn’t stop consumers from looking to purchase a dream home. Other factors like quality, proximity, builder credibility and general word-of-mouth promotion will still define the purchase of a property. GST will not apply for ready-to-occupy homes.
  • Commercial properties: Commercial properties are expected to receive close to the same taxation as that imposed on residential properties.
  • Affordable housing: All affordable housing segments are, at the moment, exempt from GST implications.


GST is already proving to be a boon for home buyers. If you are looking to purchase a home during this highly profitable year for real estate, choose a property from Radiance Realty.

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A Handy Guide for Homeowners to Get the Right Tenant

Even if you’ve already purchased a home for yourself, investing in a second house could prove to be fruitful, as there is many a reason to purchase a home in 2017. One such reason is the steady rise in rental yields happening across all the main segments of real estate, especially the residential segment. Managing to make your home more tenant-friendly is only completing one-half of the challenge; the real challenge lies in picking the right tenant out of all the applications you have received. So, how do you do it? By creating a checklist and a questionnaire of course! Here’s a handy guide for homeowners to get the right tenant.

Do a background check

Just like a house, no two tenants can be the same. All the prospective tenants that have paid a visit to your home have done so only after getting impressed by the way you’ve set up your home. Similarly, establishing a mutual understanding with your tenant over his/her likes and dislikes as well as doing a quick background check is essential before you hand over the keys. When you have a good rapport with your tenant, it helps to increase further your reputation as a homeowner among other home seekers looking for rental spaces.

Make certain that the rent is affordable

A crucial factor that may have attracted interest among tenants to your home is the rent rate. Nowadays, a lot of tenants seek out homes solely on the basis of rental rates, so pricing your home right for rent is important. Even after a tenant approached you, you still need to make it doubly certain that he/she can afford the rent. You tenant is likely to re-negotiate rental amounts, so it’s best to have a serious discussion over the same and conclude with an amount and payment due date that is best suited for both you and your tenant.

Choose tenants that will stay longer

One sure-shot way to maximise your rental yields is to choose only those tenants that are likely to stay for longer periods in your home. Having a stable tenant ensures you get a steady flow of rental income, and also saves you the trouble of searching for a new tenant too soon. It is best to clarify the stability quotient of your prospective tenants during the first meeting; this will give you a better idea as to how much rental income you will gain and when best to start advertising your home again.

Space available for rent

A common practice among homeowners looking to rent out their homes is to avail living space for more than one tenant. This is especially true of homes that are situated close to college campuses and workplaces, where the majority of tenants constitute of college goers or young workers. Depending on the size, locality and overall rent rate, you must carefully decide your target audience and advertise your home to them. In cases where you feel your home could occupy more than one tenant, you can ask the current tenant to send out a good word, effectively reducing the rental rate per head.

Negotiate advance-deposits

Advance deposits are means of ensuring your home from your tenant; this must be negotiated before your tenant occupying your home and depends on how long he/she is likely to stay. However, each state has varying advance deposit rates, so educate yourself and your tenant over the rates before settling on an amount.

If you are looking for a second home to be used strictly as an investment for rental yields, pick from the plethora of living spaces designed by Radiance Realty– a highly sought after real estate developer that is renowned for building top-quality apartments and villas.

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